Amore Bakery is owned and operated by Paulo and Carmelina Benfeito.We love what we do for a living. Cupcakes are our lives (Besides our 3 gorgeous children).

We love it when a customer call us and tells us about what they have in mind. We love it when the customer says yes to us and we in return will go the extra mile to make sure that the cupcakes are the best money can buy.

For example, in this business the most stressful bit is the transport of the cupcakes to our customers. It is very stressful when we let a courier take our hard work and deliver it to our customer. We know they won’t look after our creations as well as we would if we were to deliver them ourselves. Because of this, we try to deliver most of the orders ourselves. This way we can guarantee that the cupcakes get there in perfect condition and as a bonus we get to meet our customers.

When you call us you will see how much we love our job by how we speak about cupcakes, sometimes I have to restrain myself because I know our customers are time conscious.

We love to describe how we make our cupcakes.

In simple terms, you should choose us is because we LOVE WHAT WE DO.

As an added bonus, some times we give really cheap quotes because we really want to get the job. An example of this a customer called me on Sunday evening and said they wanted 20000 fairy cupcakes and because we love what we do and we really wanted to get the job we did it for £0.60 each. Thats a massive 50% off. And for higher quantities we will be even cheaper.

You can call me at any time of the day and rest assure I will answer the phone and if I don’t, you can leave a a message and ill call you as soon as I’m available.

My number is 01525839963 or my mobile 07590503137